6 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas & Birthdays & Birthdays

6 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas & Birthdays

The main issue is that once the gifts are opened, an excessive number of these non-recyclable Christmas wrapping paper rolls, supplies, and decorations are discarded. 

This year, the United States could save enough paper to fill 45,000 football fields if every family wrapped just three of their holiday presents in recyclable materials. It is important to take baby steps toward sustainability.

Searched high and low and found the perfect gift for your loved one? But wait, what about the gift wrapper? We believe how you present a gift is as important as the actual gift.

Who can deny the excitement and anticipation one feels before someone opens up a gift in front of them. You can always wrap a gift in a store bought wrapping paper, but what if you make the gift wrapping more personal and eco-friendly.

Wouldn’t that be nice? If you don’t know where to start, we have compiled a list of twelve ways you can wrap a gift in an economical and eco-friendly way.

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1) Using brown Kraft paper for the package

If Kraft paper is unavailable, cut up a brown paper bag and use that to wrap your gift instead. You can go crazy with the décor and customize it to whatever you like because the paper is neutral and straightforward. 

Stamps, flowers, leaves, and handwritten tags can all be added. Instead of using tape or glue, attach a note or gift tag with a lovely wooden paper clip.

2) Apply the Furoshiki Technique

Traditional Japanese fabric, known as Furoshiki, is used to store items or wrap gifts. For this approach, any square fabric can be used. 

To create numerous wrapping cloths, you can use an old bed sheet, a scarf, or leftover fabric from a project. Utilizing a cloth is nice because the recipient can easily reuse it. 

Using a printed or neutral fabric and adding dried flowers and leaves to the decor will liven up the space. Discover how simple and calming the Marie Kondo Furoshiki method is by learning it yourself!

You can spice things up by choosing a printed fabric or use a neutral fabric and decorat with dried flowers and leaves.

3) Use dried flowers as decorations.

Have a green thumb yourself or a love for your mother’s garden? Utilize that to your advantage, and keep developing those lovely flowers. 

Use a bunch of dried flowers to decorate your package or mark your gift in place of a gift tag. Are no seasonal flowers available? Don’t worry; if you look about, you can locate lovely and peculiar-looking leaves that you can utilize. 

Even if drying flowers isn’t your thing, you may still build your little bouquet out of fresh flowers and leaves to serve as a decoration for the present.

4) Use outdated fabric as ribbons.

Please don’t throw away your old clothes; instead, donate them. However, what if your old clothes aren’t suitable for donation? What if your lovely summer outfit has an unclean table stain? 

The solution is straightforward: turn that clothing into ribbons to reuse it! Although fabric ribbons can be used in various ways, we use them to decorate our gifts instead of plastic or store-bought ribbon. 

The best aspect is that any fabric, including stained sheets or pillows with irreparable tears, can be utilized.

5) Upcycling a Box for Packaging

Love making online purchases? Similar here, But we always recycle or repurpose our shipment boxes. You can create your present box for the festivals with the packaging boxes. 

Use a shoe box or cereal box if you prefer something other than online purchasing. There are no boundaries! Add stamps or ribbons to the box for decoration. 

When the printed box is covered in leftover fabric or paper, it looks pleasant and robust. You can use old bed sheets, pillowcases, or curtains to cover the box. 

The receiver can later use it as a storage container. Better than simply discarding those, yes?        

6) Create Custom Stamps

Why not make your stamp instead of using one you can buy? Interesting patterns can be made using even basic geometric forms like circles or triangles. 

Wear your crafting hat and carve a potato, or go old school and make little circles with the rubber on the back of a pencil. 

The inherent shapes of other vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, and carrots, can also be used to create something special.


Make it a habit to employ these adorable Christmas wrapping paper rolls ideas for all gift-giving occasions after using them to make your holiday celebrations more environmentally friendly. 

You now have materials stashed up whenever you need them. Please write down the concepts you enjoyed the most, give them another shot, and then tell your friends and family about them.

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