How to build a Web Application Using Java

How to build a Web Application Using Java

Because Java programs are turned into bytecode, they can operate on any JVM (Java Virtual Machine), independent of the operating system or architecture of the computer system. 

This gives Java applications the potential to be portable. In addition, Java provides developers with the Servlet and Java development consulting services, making it simpler to construct and deploy a web application on a server. 

Developing web applications may be made much easier using Java frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate, just as with other programming languages on Java development consulting services.

What are the Steps to Creating a Web Application Using Java?

How to Construct an Application for the Web Using Java Installing Java, an integrated development environment (IDE) (Eclipse or Netbeans) for writing code, a server (Tomcat) as a web container for Servlet, and a database (MySQL or Oracle) on your computer in the correct manner is necessary before you can create any kind of web application. 

To construct the Servlet, go to the File menu, then New, then Servlet, and then click the finish button. This will cause the skeleton code for the Servlet to be generated.

Produce a file in either HTML or JSP format.

Now, our first web application is nearly ready for public use. We have the capability of creating HTML pages that we may use to show on our website. 

To generate an HTML page, right-click on the WebContent folder, then pick the New HTML file option from the New-> HTML File menu. Give the newly generated file the name index.html.

 After the Servlet has been formed, it is necessary to add some HTML code using the GET method to execute HTTP queries, as seen below, and then launch the Servlet. 

Because we have not yet uploaded the servlet-API jar file, our Servlet will produce several problems as we execute it. 

Therefore, we will add the jar file by right-clicking on the project, heading to the Build Path menu, selecting the Configure Build Path option, and then selecting the Add External JARs option.

Create a Roadmap of the File

After that, map this file inside the web.xml file. The Servlet apps each have their web.xml file, which serves as a deployment descriptor. Annotations have been able to take the place of the deployment descriptor since Servlet 3.0.

To map a servlet, we must submit the servlet information, including the servlet name and class. You may then choose the servlet-api.jar file, go to the directory where the server was installed, click open to proceed, and then click apply and close to add the jar file to the project.

Even while servlets start well, they quickly become challenging to comprehend and manage because of the large replies that they generate, which include dynamic data. JSPs came into being for this same purpose, which is why they are now widely used.

In addition to having the same characteristics as HTML, Java development consulting services can also provide dynamic material when required. Because JSPs are similar to HTML, it is simple to create them, and they are excellent for displaying data due to this similarity. 

To start the application, right-click on the project and then pick Run from the menu that appears. Then, select the option to Run the Application on the Server.

 When we use the JSP code shown in the picture below, we get the same result as when we use the servlet code. To launch the application, right-click the project and pick Run > Run on Server from the context menu. 

This will cause the application to be launched on the server. The application won’t load for a little while yet. Please be patient. The result, however, will be the same whether you use a JSP or Servlet file: “Hello There!” along with the current date and time.


The blog ends here; we hope you liked reading it and that the information presented here benefited you. If you are a developer, you may use Java to construct your first web application by following the abovementioned steps. 

On the other hand, if you are a company proprietor and have a concept for creating a web application, you may engage developers from our team who have acquired years of expertise and knowledge in the same field.

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